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SoundKILDA Overview

SoundKILDA Music Video Competition

Submissions for the 2018 SoundKILDA Music Video Competition are now closed.

Australia’s largest dedicated music video competition, SoundKILDA, celebrates and screens music videos the way they should be – loud and large on the big screen.

SoundKILDA was one of Australia’s first dedicated music video competitions and has grown into something of a cult event. Showcasing the creativity and skill behind the music video format, the event gives the audience a chance to explore the genre of the music video as a form of creativity as opposed to a marketing tool, and for the filmmakers to have their work recognised as such.

This program of the St Kilda Film Festival is growing fast and an increased number of entries have meant high-calibre clips, bigger audiences and increased competition. The bar has been raised with all the major labels now submitting works from Australia’s premier recording artists, but we’ve seen more than one indie talent take out the top SoundKILDA prize.

SoundKILDA Music Video Competition prizes are awarded in various categories including Best Music Video, Best Cinematography, Best Editing and Craft Awards. There is also a special audience award voted for and presented on the night of the screening.

Entries are now closed.