Filmmaker Development Program


Free talks, panels and workshops for established and aspiring filmmakers

Program Announced 24 April!

St Kilda Film Festival brings filmmakers together to explore and discuss their craft, forge new relationships and discover new resources. Through the filmmaker development program and the many networking events that occur during the event each year, the Festival helps filmmakers get their work made, get it seen and take the next steps in their filmmaking career.

The filmmaker development programs are suitable for aspiring, emerging and existing filmmakers hoping to broaden their skillset and contacts.

The Festival’s development program consists of two major components – The Big Picture, held on the first Saturday of the Festival and the Forum Series – held every weekday evening from 6.30pm.



The Big Picture is a huge, multi-faceted day of professional development, comprising of four main areas:

Forums: A one-stop shop of five forums that loosely chart the making of a film. Beginning with writing, then funding, legals, production and finishing with marketing and distribution. These are fast, fact-filled forums.

Workshops: Small and hands-on practical workshops with topics ranging from (but not limited to) visual effects, pop-up legal clinics, technical post workflow sessions, drone presentations and audience development.

Couch Conversations: Topics for these conversations are themed around current trends and issues in filmmaking from a local and global viewpoint.

Industry stallholders: The film industry’s pre and post production bodies, guilds and education bodies set up displays in the foyer space and spend the duration of the event networking and providing crucial information to budding and established filmmakers.



The St Kilda Film Festival Forum Series addresses current industry topics, drawing representatives from filmmaking practice and industry-based organisations to discuss the trends, issues and creative practices that are influencing the Australian film industry.

Our forums feature practitioners including directors and producers, sound designers, editors and production designers, composers, cinematographers and animators, colourists, actors, screenwriters and industry organisation representatives from Adam Elliot to Damian Walshe-Howling, some of the best talent in the country has appeared at the St Kilda Film Festival forums.